About the Chamber


Parke County Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1946 as the Rockville Commercial Club.  The name changed to Parke county Chamber of Commerce, Inc. in 1984 to work to improve the economy of the area.  The Chamber created Parke County Economic Development Office to pursue this goal.

Today, the Chamber and Economic Development offices work together to promote common interests of the community in order to make Parke County a better place to work, live and play.

The Chamber hosts & co-sponsors many special events throughout the year including:

  • Annual Community Awards Dinner
  • Food Drive
  • Business & Lifestyles Expo
  • Chamber Golf Classic
  • Parke Country Little Miss & Mister Contest
  • Career Workshops for Parke County 7-9 grade students
  • Covered Bridge Festival Cobbler Shack
  • Meet The Candidates (during Election Years)
  • Parke County Covered Bridge Christmas Gift Giveaway
  • Below Board President Tiffani Martin and Director Sarah HaltomChamber Pres Exc Director